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Monday, August 22, 2005

MostTraveledMan.com & and where to shoot?

There is a site MostTraveledMan.com, of a a dot.com millionaire, who has spent the few years traveling and traveling and traveling. He holds the new world record for visiting 500 countries and territories is 4 years, 3 months, 15 days. He even visited one of the most dangerous places on earth - Chechnya.

I would love to get his take on the different places he visited.

I'm currently producing thirteen one hour episodes. Why thirteen episodes. For some reason that's what the networks want. thirteen is the magic number for a series. I can shoot anywhere in the world and these are my top ten destinations:

1. Burma - hardly seeing anything shot their but they do have a tourist infrastructure, so it would be a sold adventure in an exotic location.
2. Libya - just opened up for tourism. Really curious what it is like
3. Cuba - as everyone says who has been there go now because after Fidel it will probably be another Miami.
4. Estonia - very curious about this little known country in the very Northern part of Eastern Europe.
5. Iceland - spectacular scenery, particularly the hot springs, or so they say
6. Cartagena, Colombia - contrary to popular opinion it's a very safe city and an architectural gem
7. Vietnam - always interesting to see the mix of communism and capitalism.
8. Nicaragua - I haven't seen many programs on Nicaragua and I've heard it's an interesting travel destination.
9. New Zealand - supposable the most beautiful country on earth.
10. The Arab Emirates - be fun to make a program with a female travel host.
11. Argentina - Buenos AIres - I 've shoot there, have great contacts, would love to do it again
12. New York City - A city I know better than any other place on earth. A true insider's episode.
13. Rio - during Carnival of course. No one is going to NOT watch the program.

And of course for alternate choices:
North Korea - fat chance, eh?
Guyana, in fact all the Guyana's could be interesting ie Surinam and French Guyana.
The small islands in the Caribbean, such as St. Kitts, dominica, Grenada.

Now I know these aren't the most popular tourist places on earth but if you go along with the concept that the audience for travel programs are not really travelers but armchair travelers, interested in entertainment and adventure these are the type of destinations you should be covering.

If you could shoot anywhere in the world what would be your top ten places to visit?

If you watch travel programs, what destinations would you like to see featured?