ƒ Curious Travelers Television: The New Direction in Travel Programming

Monday, August 22, 2005

The New Direction in Travel Programming

There is a new direction in travel programming. You see it on the Discovery Travel Channel and on the Fine Living Network, the two main providers of travel programming in the US. You see it also on the PBS travel programmers, although to a lesser extent.

As I discussed list informational based travel programs are out. Video on Demand will service the real traveler market: the viewers who buy travel guidebooks and actually travel, rather than travel vicariously through travel programs.

The new travel programs are host driven, story based, with memorable characters and a beginning, middle and end. They are about the journey, rather than the destination. Exotic destinations are in, the usual domestic destinations - Vegas, Orlando, etc - are out.

The usual production house who created non hosted list travel programmers following the old tired format will have a hard time competing on this playing field. Some of them will go back to where they started, producing industrials. Others will try their hand at the more difficult job of story telling and truly entertaining an audience.